The Survivor Foundation Inc is a not-for-profit registered charity, supporting victims of trauma, and their families, in their ongoing journey towards rehabilitation and an active lifestyle.

Through education and empowerment, survivors learn to identify their triggers, develop a ‘toolbox’ of coping strategies and techniques relevant to them and their needs, increase their self awareness and take charge of their Wellness and Recovery Plan.

Our Survive Revive Thrive Programs are interactive, engaging, educational, empowering and above all, fun. All our programs are available to anyone who has experienced a trauma, workplaces wanting to support their employees in coping with todays fast paced, high stress careers and the wider population wanting to make the changes to improve their life.

Latest News

A Wounded Sense of Morality
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Beat those ‘Winter Blues’
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1st of June in Australia brings with it the first day of Winter. With the days getting shorter and colder, the reduction in sunshine and the glorious rain and storm fronts beginning, it is very easy for our moods... Read More